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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Making Labels

One thing I've always liked about the homebrewing hobby is the range of different people it's open to. Everything from a Mr. Beer from your local Target, to a 15-barrel conical fermenter in your garage.

I like bottling. I've mentioned that before. One thing I like is making labels for my beer. Not everyone does, which I understand. Many people put a code on the cap with a Sharpie. Hey, whatever works.

But, even if you do that, there may come a time when you are giving away some of your precious brew as a gift. A nice label will make that gift much more impressive.

Here are three sites I've used, along with examples of what can be done. The samples were each done in about a minute, so there is more you can do, if you want.

First is The Beer Labelizer, found at . This site has 12 different label designs, and you just type in your information into text boxes. After you finish typing, you can print out a sheet, or save the design to your computer to use with your own label software.

With only 12 designs to choose from, it's the least flexible. But, if you want a nice-looking label, fast, it can't be beat.

Next is . Using this site is a bit more involved, but you get a LOT more control. You choose the shape, border, background color, graphics, and text style from a series of menus.

Because of the amount of choice you have the ability to produce something really beautiful (or really UGLY).

This last site isn't really a label site, but I've used it the longest. At , you have the ability to insert your own text into several graphic images. One of the choices is a seal, which works well as a simple beer label.

You could include the beer name as part of the seal, or use the seal as a generic logo, and use the image in your label along with your other text.

If you have a few minutes to spare, try out these sites. You may find a label you like, either for everyday use or for your next gift.