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Monday, March 24, 2014

More Competition

This thing of competing against the family in brewing skill is a lot of fun. During our St. Patrick's Day brewfest, I was talking to John and remarkin g hoe once a year wasn't quite enough.

We came up with the idea of holding a summer event, too. This time, the rules will be slightly different. We can make anything we want, but no more than 5 % ABV. We've made stouts and barleywines, now lets see how we all do at making a session beer.

Monday, March 17, 2014

I Lose Again

First, a bit of history. A few years ago, my niece, Emily, hosted a family get-together for St Patrick's Day. The highlight was a dinner of Irish stew, with Guinness Stout in the gravy.The following year, she asked if I would brew a stout for the dinner. Happily The next year,  I thought about the brewers in the family, including my son and Emily's brother. I suggested we have a competition, with the winning stout used in the stew. My son, Joe, won.

As we got closer to this years competition, we thought, "Why just make stout every year?" So, last Thanksgiving, we held a drawing to see what we would all compete in. We picked barleywine, and everyone started making plans. Joe wasn't able to compete, but John's wife decided to give it a try.

The contestants were me, John, and his wife, Leanne. Our judge, for the second year, was Will Siss, (, teacher, local author, and family friend.

I lost again, this time, to my nephew, John. So, we've had two competitions, and I've lost to my son, and my nephew. However, since they both brew because of me, I feel like I won anyway.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


The other night, I was outside, just looking up, and I noticed the constellation Orion.

The star in the upper left-hand corner, Betelgeuse, is a red giant. I read that scientists say it's in the final stages of its life.

If I recall correctly, they say it should explode and die sometime in the next 10,000 years. Now that doesn't mean it'll be that long, just that we don't know exactly when it will happen.

It could be 10,000 years from now. It could be next year. It could be next week. It could be tomorrow. Or...

It could have already happened, and the light of the explosion just hasn't reached us yet.



Before I write what I want, I need to apologize.

I haven't posted anything since October. A lot has gotten in the way, but I think things are back in order, now.

I have a new post coming shortly, and I hope to get back on track.