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Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Frontiers

Well, I just ordered brewing supplies, and I've decided to try something new. After making beer for over 23 years, I'm surprised I can still say that.

I'm going to try my first-ever sour beer, a Berliner Wiesse. According to my software, I come out a bit too strong, and just a tad too hoppy. But, if it tastes like I'm aiming for, it should be good.

One article on the style called it "the most refreshing beer ever developed". That's exactly what I want.

At the same time, I want to tackle my breakfast cereal experiment again. I'm again making a 1-gallon porter, and adding 3 cups of cereal. Now, I've tried this three times, without great success. The first time produced way too much sediment, and the next two resulted in exploding bottles.

I've brainstormed with myself, and have come up with a couple of adjustments to my process. I think what happened was that I wasn't getting all the cereal in solution, so the enzymes couldn't access the starches, resulting in incomplete conversion.

So, now I'll grind up the cereal, and boil it for a few minutes, before adding it to the mash. Either it'll work, or I'll learn something else.