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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Back To Beer

There's one theme I constantly go back to; in this blog, in my other online sites, in my old podcast. If you start with wort, and use yeast, you're a homebrewer. I've seen and heard others try and draw the lines more restrictively.

Really, it doesn't matter what method you use to get your wort. Did you develop your recipe, fine-tuning your grain bill until it had just the flavor profile you wanted? Did you think long and hard about the hopping schedule, so each addition brought something unique? Great! Did you heat up a can of mix? Good! I do both, depending on time, money, and mood. There's room for both ends, and anything in between.

So, The beer I have fermenting now, and the next, are both kits from Mr Beer. (I don't get anything. They aren't a sponsor.)

Is it the best I've ever had? Well, no. That's not the point. It's good drinkable beer that I made. That's the only claim I make, and really, the only claim I ever make.