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Monday, July 2, 2012

Last Night, And This Week

Yesterday, for the first time in a month, I was podcasting. I missed it. I don't have any illusions of fame, or fortune, but I know there is a small, loyal, audience that looks forward to my ramblings. I find that gratifying.

This week, I plan to start reviewing free brewing software. As I started combing the internet, I noticed two things. There's a lot of free stuff out there. So far I have three software packages and four websites, and I may not be done, yet. The other thing I saw was that this review idea has been done, many times.

However, these reviews have all chosen one piece of software as "the best", and not even the same one. I think that misses the point entirely. Every brewer works differently, and has different needs. It's a bit presumptuous to think that one piece of software is going to be the best for everyone.

So, with that in mind, I have no intention of telling you which is "best". I'll look at what's different, what's  the same, what I like or don't like. But, the decision to use or not use a particular product should be yours. I just want to help you see what's out there, where to find it, and what it can or can't do.

Tomorrow, I plan to have the first review up on the blog. What I'll do is simple. I have a recipe I've used for years, which I know works. I'll input that recipe into each program, and see what happens. I think it'll be interesting, and fun.