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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Post-Election Thought

OK, I'm surprised. I didn't think he would run. I didn't think he could win the nomination. I didn't think he had a prayer of becoming President. Good thing I didn't pick politics as a career.

There is a lot about this whole affair I find amusing. There seem to be a lot of people saying what bad, evil, horrible things Trump will do as President. I have but one thing to say. Take it easy.  Don't panic.

But, he's President!

The President can only do so much by himself. To really make substantial changes, he needs approval of Congress. To make a FUNDAMENTAL change, he would have to get the Constitution amended, a most difficult task.

But, Congress is Republican,too!

One of the overwhelming themes of this election year was the intense dislike everyone seems to have for The Donald. Other Presidents have struggled with Congresses of their own party. I'm sure he will, too.

But, you were wrong about everything else!

Well, you have me, there. I can only say that we survived Tyler, Pierce, Fillmore, Buchanan, Nixon, Carter and anyone else you choose. I'm sure we'll survive Trump,too.

So, relax in your easy chair. Pour your favorite adult beverage, and enjoy all the jokes the late-night hosts are even now salivating over.

I promise, I'll get back to beer.